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Have you ever considered volunteering your services?

Why I do it?

I started volunteering in June 2013. The reason I decided to do this type of work was to get an opportunity to do something meaningful and meeting new people while doing something for a good cause. I am currently a volunteer at the Cancer Research UK.

I also believe that volunteering is beneficial for my overall wellbeing. For me volunteering is  like a form of exercise. When I am done for the day I feel good, and I get this sense of satisfaction. I can likened it to the runner’s high. When the body release the endorphins, aka, the feel good hormone. I love what I am doing and I enjoy it very much.

How to get involved.

It is easy to get into volunteering as many organisations are looking for people who are willing to assist. Start first by deciding which organisation you would like to get involved with. Visit that organisation’s website to see what they do, the cause they support, their values, their future plans etc. Once you have made your choice visit or call the organisation concerned. Just because it is volunteering does not mean there is no interview, be prepared, they may interview you to find out more about you and why you are interested in a volunteering job. Take the plunge, you won’t regret it.

What is interesting about volunteering is that no previous experience is required, as long as you are prepared to learn and to work hard you are good to go. Training is provided free of charge. Volunteering allows one to learn different skills depending on the organisation. Volunteering is a very good learning curve for acquiring experience and new skills.

What’s in it for me, one might ask?

Unfortunately, there are no monetary or financial rewards for doing the volunteer work. Those who do it, do it for the love of it. There are a number of benefits one can gain from the experience, below are just a few of the benefits.

  • Helping those less fortunate
  • Contributing to a good cause
  • Making an impact on other people’s wellbeing
  • Giving time, energy and skills
  • Meeting new people
  • Learning new skills

I believe that the benefits far outweighs the monetary or financial rewards. Giving of one’s time, energy and skills is priceless.

Unlike paid jobs, there is no pressure in the job as you are not competing with colleagues for manager’s attention, promotion, pay rise or any other incentive. No one knows this better than volunteers themselves. This is shown by the hard work and commitment they have towards their different tasks. If you see volunteers at work, you’ll think they are being paid to do it.

If you have volunteered before or are currently volunteering, what has been your experience? You are welcome share you experience.

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