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How to change your Impulse Buying Habit

As consumers we should learn to control our impulse buying behaviour when out shopping to avoid buying things we don’t want. I once heard a young lady telling her friend that she had bought a pair of socks because they were cute.

The other reason she gave was because they were displayed by the check out counter. She was trying to justify her impulse buying habit by putting her lack of discipline to the way the retailer displayed the socks.

Whatever her reason for buying the socks, she has displayed an impulse buying habit. Impulse buying is when you buy things that you do not want.

Maybe you are like the young lady. You normally buy things you do not want or you have bought things in the past without really needing them.

You are not alone and you can stop the habit by following simple instructions provided in this article. There are many people who buy things just for the sake of buying, not because they want those things.

There are people who have closets full of clothes that haven’t been worn, shoes still in their boxes, handbags still with price tags on etc.

It is not only clothes that you can buy on a impulse. You can also buy junk food and other non-food items such as sweets, chocolates, magazines etc.

You might have different reasons for buying things on impulse. Whatever your reason, it is not an excuse for you to buy something you do not need.

Buying on impulse is a very bad habit, which can leave you in debt. Purchasing items of small value on a regular basis can add-up to huge amount at the end of the month.

You also cannot blame the retailers for your impulsive behaviour, like the young lady did. Retailers are in the business to make money. They are going to display their products in whichever way that would sell the products.

The responsibility is on you the consumer to discipline yourself and only buy what is important at the time. If you have survived before without it, most probably you don’t need it.

If you believe you are an impulse buyer, you can stop the habit. Just follow these simple shopping instructions:
– Always make a list of things you want to buy, not only groceries even clothes, it works.
– Don’t go shopping when you are hungry, you end up buying a lot of unnecessary food, including junk.
– Do not what you cannot afford.
– Do not buy to prove a point or compete.
– If possible, leave you credit card at home.
– Only take a certain amount of cash with you.
– In the shop, go straight to the aisle where your product is, do not criss-cross through different aisles.
– Shop online, if you can.

The first step to curb impulse buying is to be aware of it and take the necessary

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