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Something to think about…

Can you believe it! It is now a year since I last posted something. This is not good. I should have posted something at least once a month. I know I am not doing this for someone else, I am doing this for myself but I am letting myself down. But this is no excuse.

So, here is something to ponder about while waiting for my next post. I hope it won’t take long.

Have you ever given it some thought that in your own personal space no one else thinks except for YOU, even though there might be other people around you? I am saying this because no matter what actions those people around you take, you are the only one with the power to think, act, and respond to their actions. What I am really saying is that do not be quick to anger, insult or respond negatively. Think about it, all the people around you, your colleagues, your boss, your kids, your siblings, your neighbour and whoever else you can think of, they are not in control of how you think about them. You are. Think about that.

And here is a beautiful daffodil I pick while waiting for the bus. Beautiful, isn’t it?

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Lonely Yellow Daffodil

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