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I am grateful

I first wrote this back five years ago. It was Tuesday, January 20, 2009. On this day, I decided to write the answer to my daily gratitude question, “What are you grateful for today”? Only this time I was showing my gratitude for living my life and witnessing amazing history happening during my life time. I wrote this after watching President Obama’s inaugural address.

I am grateful to the Lord Almighty that I am living my life during this lifetime where I observed two historical events. Both events inspire me in the same way.

The first event was when Nelson Mandela became the first black African president of our beautiful country, South Africa. This was a historical moment where my grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, sisters, cousins, friends and any other black person in South Africa voted for the first time in their life. We all freely exercised our democratic right. The right, the white apartheid dominance deprived us

Secondly, when Barack Obama became the first African-American president of the US. An African-American family staying in the White House, who would have thought or even imagined that?

The scale of the two events was unimaginable. It was authentic history happening, right there in front of my eyes. These two events cannot be compared to each other in terms of which one is grander; they were both immense in their own ways. Words are not enough to describe how I felt at that moment. I am truly blessed and grateful to have seen these events.

  • Who would have thought that one day South Africa will have an African president?
  • Who would have thought that one day blacks in South Africa will vote?
  • Who would have thought that one day United States of America will have an African-American president?
  • Who would have thought that one day a son of a black man from Africa (Kenya) would become the American president?
  • Who would have thought that these two extra-ordinary events will happen in my life time?

Only God made it all possible.

To me Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama represent hope and change, “Change we can believe in”. The release of Nelson Mandela from prison on the 11th February 1990 was the biggest change in South Africa, and the world. Barack Obama’s inauguration was another major change, and it happened.

When I was watching the ceremony, Barack Obama’s inauguration, I felt goose bumps on my skin, it was awesome, miraculous, and I was ecstatic. Barack Obama said we should choose hope over fear. After watching Barack Obama taking that solemn oath, it reminded me of when I watched Nelson Mandela’s inauguration. Everything was so beautiful, surreal and people were happy.

This is a very good inspiration for me. It goes to show that with God anything is possible, as long as you have faith and you believe.

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