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Stand Firm and Take Action

Why is it so easy to just sit there and do nothing unproductive like watching television, changing channels, scrolling down one’s mobile reading other people’s tweets, updating face book status etc.? Is it just plain sluggishness or just being a couch potato? The small loquacious voice would like you to believe otherwise, that what you are doing is normal. Gaming Console

One day I had an epiphany. I realised that what I am doing is not normal. From that moment on I pronounced that I am going to stand firm against this small loquacious voice that is keen to keep my life on the side-lines. The pronouncement was to take ACTION! Taking action towards achieving my goals and getting closer to my dreams. I have lots of dreams, and I guess you do too.

I do not set New Year’s resolutions but I have plans that I have set for myself for 2014 that I want to pursue, such as learning a new language, keeping my blog updated, writing my book (which I haven’t even started it) focusing on my exercise schedule – yoga and running, among others.

I am not going to get my ideal body by wishing and by looking at images of well-toned bodies without working out. My blog is not going to have new posts without me writing them or just sitting there wishing it was different. I can look at my running shoes all I want, the shoes are not going to run by themselves without me putting them on and hitting the road.

Running ShoesAll these things I want to do, be it writing or running, I can only get results by taking action. Taking positive inspired action. No matter how many times I can shout “I now have my ideal body”, without any action on my part, I’ll keep shouting and nothing will come out of it. I can affirm every day that my blog is a success, without writing there will be no posts and no posts means no success. It is important to keep in mind that achieving success in any situation melds positive action and hard work.

To achieve success the small chatty voice and all its cousins must be shown the door out of your mind: resist fear, stop pleasing other people – let them think what they want, are you guilty of doubting yourself and is procrastination the weakest link between you and achieving your dreams?

It is easy to just sit and be unproductive because it is a safer route to take, there is no competition, no guilty feeling due to unfinished plans, and there is no thinking meaning there is no creativity. Being creative is working because you cannot be creative if you are just sitting there doing nothing.

Are you ready to take action and which of the cousins are you going to kick out?

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