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Do you have this kind of love?

Maybe the word love is not the correct one to use. Because even in the dictionary, love both as a verb, noun and an adjective is described as having great affection for someone or romantic relationship, beloved person etc.

The love I am talking about here is not the intimate love you share with your partner. Not the love for your siblings. Not the love for your children. Not the love for your parents. Not the love for your friends. Not the love for your pets. Not your colleagues and ex-colleagues. Nor all the people you share your secrets with, if you have such people in your life.

I am talking about human love. Loving another human being just because they are. I am talking about loving someone irrespective of what they look like, their religion, their sexual orientation, their weight, sometimes and their height and where they come from.

I am talking about loving someone without categorisations of each other by race, as strangers, as foreigners, as immigrants, as low-income, as the have-nots, as refugees, as man on the street etc.

Before all these traits, we are humanity first. If we can overlook all these descriptors, look further from what we each look like, change our perception of how we see each other. And see each other as same with one common goal – just to be – you will find there in the kind of love I am talking about. This kind of love is inherent within us. It does not reside on the outside of us. And it is not influenced by our five senses.

I am talking about love where you love someone unknown to you just as you love yourself. The love where you wish greater good to happen to someone regardless of what they may mean personally in your life.

Lack of it evokes such long-winded words we call each other. And bucket loads full of it brings peace.


This is my kind of love. What is yours like?

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