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Africa! My Aspiration

Today is Africa Day, which is the celebration of the formation of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) in 1963. As Africans we should celebrate being ‘One’ African by showing our love towards each other instead of fighting each other. Africans are known for their unique trait of Ubuntu, though traces of this trait still exists amongst some people and places, at some places Ubuntu does not exist. Instead it has been eroded and replaced by greed. The accumulation of wealth by selected few people when the majority of people are poor, hungry and starving to death, not forgetting the wars is so wrong at so many levels. This has led to ordinary people fighting each other for resources, leading to people adopting the survival of the fittest lifestyle.

The poverty and fighting lead to very bad humanitarian crises, and in such situations, it is the women and children that suffers the consequences. Innocent people get caught up in the turmoil and they die unnecessarily. People get displaced and find themselves in refugee camps that are so uninhabitable. Those who cannot stand staying in those places have paid the ultimate price, dying trying to cross dry desserts, drowning in rough Mediterranean seas, or getting killed by wild animals while traveling across dangerous forests and swimming across flooded rivers.

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Africa is a beautiful and wealthy continent and I love her very profoundly. Imagine Africa, where there is no fighting, where people live together in harmony, where the talent and resources of Africa are utilised for the greater good for all Africans. Imagine Africa, where there is no famine. Africa where there are no diseases. Africa where there are no wars, no refugee camps. Africa where people live in peace and basic human rights, especially towards women and children are respected and indorsed by everyone. Wouldn’t that be virtuous?

I strongly believe that no African person, from Cape to Cairo, should be called a foreigner when they are anywhere in Africa. I long to see a united Africa where people move freely with no restrictions, where people are free to call any country within Africa home, where people are able to move freely without being scared of being labelled or worse off being attacked.

Call it wishful thinking but this is the unity and freedom I long to see happening in my beautiful continent. The land, I will always call home. I don’t know if it is at all possible to see a unified peaceful Africa, especially during my life time. Maybe, one day, my grandchildren and their offspring will live in that unified Africa.

Although the situation may be made to look inferior from the outside, it is not all doom and gloom. Africa have a lot of positives going for her, though some of the developments are overshadowed by the misfortunes. This is what keeps my hope alive.

Today, let’s embrace each other, let’s perpetuate peace, love and Ubuntu because there is no place like Africa.

Happy Africa Day!

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