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Inspiring Spring – Joyful Living

In the Northern Hemisphere, Monday, 20 March 2017 marks the official first day of spring called the vernal equinox. This occurs when the sun moves to be directly above the equator. And it officially means the end of winter. It is not that I don’t like winter, it is just that during spring there is so much to be excited about, the sun takes longer to set making it possible to take long walks outdoors just admiring nature, and the surrounding environment is also attractive with all sorts of wild flowers dotting the landscape, not forgetting my favourites, the daffodils.

The end of winter signal the end of hibernation for a lot of animals, I guess some people too. During this time, you encounter the small wild animals in their natural environment and showing their happiness in their unique way – birds singing, rabbits running around, jumping or ‘binkying’, hopping and leaping while squirrels climbing up and down the trees, playing hide and seek. The hedgehog on the other hand would just freezes in place and roll into a ball when approached, its natural defence mechanism.

There are many reasons I love the country side during this time of the year. Besides lifting my spirit, the fresh air, the open spaces and encountering animals in their natural environment just makes the experience so much more fascinating. I love the peace and tranquillity, the dramatic landscapes with spectacular panoramic views enhances the natural beauty. Spending time outdoors also have therapeutic and comforting properties.

I am looking forward to enjoying this time of the year, taking walks along the local brook, a freshwater stream and tendering my flower garden. For me, Spring is also the time for new beginnings even the plants and trees lose their old leaves as they make way for the sprouting new ones. A process that seem so effortless and mysterious. That’s what inspires me. Nothing complicated, just simple fun living in harmony with nature.

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