Welcome to my blog, the place where I publish my random thoughts.

I am on an expedition in distant unfamiliar lands. I am walking 🚶. Though, I walk fearlessly, I cannot see the width of the path I am on. Whether it is a wide road or a narrow path. I also do not know the distance I still need to cover, whether it is a short or long distance.

I feel it in my strides that this path I am on is going uphill. The area is covered by mist so white, I could hardly see far in front of me. I could only see as far as my spectacle eyes could see.

I am very thirsty. Astonishingly, my thirst is not for water. But for that which is so abundantly visible yet so inaccessible. And that does not stop me from being curious. Because every time when I see a signal alleging to point towards a source of water I take a detour to go to check it out. I am not sure whether this is just a case of mere curiosity or an obsession?

Even though water is not my foremost necessity. I still feel a sense of being disappointment in that for every detour I take, when I get to the purported source, there is no sign of water. It’s either the well is dry or there is no fresh water but only a swamp where Shrek and Princess Fiona will live happily ever after.

This does not surprise me at all though. After each detour, I continue to follow my path. And notwithstanding the lack of water, I continued walking with elegance. Not knowing where the path is leading me.

What fascinate me about this journey is that I meet a lot of people with different personalities on the way. Some of these people are pleasant. For some it seems, they have been hurt so severely before they display acute hatred by default.

When I greet the friendly ones, they respond with vigor. Their voices sweet. Their faces have a luminous glow. I long to meet a lot of them but they are few in numbers.

On the other hand, when I greet those with acute hatred, they just keep quiet as if they didn’t hear my voice. Their faces do not look friendly at all. When they do dare speak, they have this insincere saccharine tone to their voices.

I am not sure, how far I still need to walk before I reach my destination. The haze is not showing any signs of clearing up. I also do not know what to expect or what lies ahead. I am, nonetheless, not apprehensive of all these unknowns.

I have no illusion to walk back as I’ve made a personal decree to keep walking. I believe that one day I will arrive.

I am still walking 🚶.

Thank you for stopping by.












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